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DeQing Ocean New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a compositive entity which is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of chemicals.  The corporate headquarters is located in DeQing Zhejiang Provinde with the production base at Leidian Industrial District, Deqing County.

One of factory“Zhejiang Keni Alloy Manufacture Co. Ltd.” mainly produces catalysts of Aluminum-Nickel Alloy Powder, Raney Nickel and Additives of Nickel-Iron Alloys, Nickel-Cobalt-Iron Alloys.

Based on efforts and accumulation of many years, we have established a good exporting agent cooperation with domestic well-known enterprises at home and stable business contacts with several European and American pharmaceutical companies, multinational companies and importers. Our business have developed all over the word Based on the "Science And Technology At The Head, Quality-Oriented, Customer First, Honest And Sincerelity" business philosophy, and the spirit of " Truth, Integrity, Unity, And Innovation", Ocean constantly pursue higher product quality and better service level , in the result , Ocean has gained the strong support of new and old customers and even competitors’ trust.

We warmly welcome any inquiry and contact at home and abroad !

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